Sultan Moroccan Ambar with Orange Blossom Green Tea – 150g

AED 24.00

Ingredients: Green Tea with Orange Blossom

MORE ABOUT THE INGREDIENTS: 100% green tea enables the Jawhar loose tea grains blend to purely exude the natural benefits associated when it comes to green tea. Packed with antioxidants & nutriemts the tea soothes the digestive system &comforts the body, also aiding with anything from stress & anxiety to cholesterol & high blood pressure.

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A light intensity green tea choice, Sultan’s Ambar tea with Orange Blossom is the perfect choice for a morning refreshment. Packed with natural green tea antioxidants and wellness properties, the sweet, refreshing flavours of the Ambar tea are balanced with a citrus edge and powerful aroma of the orange blossom. The perfect choice for a craving of green tea with a twist, Sultan’s Ambar tea with orange blossom pairs the traditional Moroccan green tea elements with a touch of citrus. Light in intensity and slightly sweet, the orange blossom aroma adds just enough citrus to balance the sweet and with vanilla notes and jasmine, a well-rounded green tea experience is crafted.

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